Q. How do I order?
A: Please visit Custom Watercolor Portraits or

Custom Colored Pencil Portraits and select the painting size you would like.

Q. How do I send you photo's?
A: You can send them via email to pupsofcolor@gmail.com or you can visit our Facebook page, and message the image to us. Please let me know your email so that I may know who these photos belong to.

Q. What size paintings can you do?
A: I currently offer sizes ranging from 4.5x6 to 24x36.

Q. How many pets can you do in an 8.5x11?
A: All listings are for single pets, though starting at 9x12 I am able to do up to 2, and at 11x14 I am able to do 3.

Q. What do you charge for additional pets?
A: For individual paintings, the standard fee is applied. For more than one pet in the same painting, there is an additional fee. The additional fee starts at $100 and an additional $50 each will be applied for the third and/or fourth pet.

Q. Do you reprint my Custom Order?
A: I may reproduce any artwork on other products or similar.

Q. Can I make copies of my Custom Watercolor?
A: No, you may not make copies of it. This is an original work of art created by me, and I retain copyright on all paintings. You may request Archival reprints from me at anytime for a fee.

Q. Are these paintings and Colored Pencil Portraits Archival?
A: I take great care to ensure that each portrait is Archival and will last forever. The original watercolors should last forever, with minimal fading. I take great care not to use fading colors in the Custom Watercolors. The reprints are also Archival. They are printed on Archival luster paper using pigment ink.

Q. What products do you use?
A: These may change over time, however I currently use Da Vinci Professional Grade Watercolors, on Archival paper or Archival museum quality claybord.

For colored pencils, I use artist quality Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils on archival acid free artist quality pastel paper.

Q. How long will these take to complete?
A: Standard Fulfillment for Custom Portraits is 4-6 months.

Standard fulfillment for non Custom Watercolor products is 2-7 business days. Shipping requires an additional 3-8 business days following fulfillment to receive your order.

Q. Can you do Rush Orders?
A: I can do Rush orders. I charge an additional $45 fee for Rush orders.

Q. How do I care for my Custom Portrait?
A: We recommend framing the portrait on paper once you have received it. Until such time, we recommend leaving it inside the cellophane so that your watercolor is protected. To care for the claybord, wipe dust with a dry lint free cloth. Revarnish as needed using a UV protectant varnish.

Q. Can I pick colors?
A: If you have color preferences, please let me know when ordering. If for any reason I am not able to accommodate your request, I will let you know.

Q. What type of photo can you work from?
A: I can work from most any photo, but I should be able to see the eyes and markings clearly when the image is enlarged. If you aren’t sure if the photo is high resolution, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to take a look and let you know if the image will work. Often, I may be able to use it and ask for a couple other images for details.