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We are excited to introduce keychains, ornaments and statues to our Welsh Corgi Line, that will include these options with both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

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From Kickstarter:

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Table Top Statue

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Examples of hand painted figurines
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Table Top Statue
Design of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
These are 3D Printed Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgi statues made of white PLA filament. We have been creating customized art since 2018. We are a husband and wife team bringing our love of the breed to life through our art. Each statue is hand painted by Lynn using standard AKC colors if you choose that add-on. Joshua manages production of each figurine and statue through attention to detail with each print he produces.
Custom painted figurines
Each statue will be varnished using a UV Archival Gloss finish. This means it won't yellow while protecting your figurine, ornament, keychain, or statue from fading and discoloration. The varnish will also protect against moisture and dirt or dust.
Who doesn't love a Corgi butt?!
We initially started with Pembroke Welsh Corgi figurines that are the same size as the ornaments and keychains that we are introducing through this project. We started getting requests for larger statues, Cardigans and Pembroke with tails even. I went back to the designer and requested the Cardigan Design as well as some modifications to the original Pembroke Design to create the ornaments and keychains. 

We have already designed and printed a prototype of the Table Top statue, however we still need to purchase the Cardigan Files from the designer. We also would like an additional 3d printer, so we started this project to allow us to introduce our product while earning the funds to make it a reality at the same time.
Our boy decided the table top statue was a great cuddle buddy! Who could blame him?!

Meeting the project goals will allow us the ability to produce these larger statues in a timely manner. Additional printers will also provide us with the ability to increase our product line in the future so that we will be able to offer additional breed.

Decal Example:

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